The toddler room at Poppins Day Nursery is a gentle introduction into preschool learning with planned adult led activities each day such as painting, drawing, baking, sand and water play.

Stimulating day care activities for your children in Cheadle

We carefully plan each nursery day to provide both free play and structured activities for the children and we ensure that your children are closely supervised at all times.

The activities are aimed around a termly topic which increases children's vocabulary, awareness of the world around them and a range of other crucial skills. Examples of the themes we focus on are animals, transport, shapes and colours.

Every parent receives a written account of their child's meals, sleeping habits and activities that they have taken part in. For more information on our professional day care don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.
Day care activities

Poppins Day Nursery in Cheadle provides a range of structured activities for your toddler - allowing them to grow and develop.
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